" A lot of people care, but they don't understand.
When I come here, they understand."

(men's group participant)


Heart Wood is a registered charity based in Northumberland. We offer person-centred therapeutic group counselling in woodland, in order to help people improve their mental health. We currently have a particular focus on working with men. We offer something different, for people who cannot engage with indoor services. Heart Wood is unique in offering group counselling in this way. 

The charity is building on the success of the 2018 pilot project 'Ecotherapy Group for Men who identified with suffering with depression'. There is qualitative evidence of positive outcomes for a majority of the participants, who had been psychologically and socially isolated.

Our core programme includes a men’s ecotherapy group, meeting weekly for six-months in local private woodland; projects that specifically work with fathers and sons; and we are researching and developing a programme which will engage with younger men.


We also offer CPD training for psychotherapists in contact-oriented person-centred ecotherapy.

To find out more any of our activities, please contact Emma at admin@heartwoodcharity.org or call 01434 607726.



We are looking for Trustees to join our Committee.

Please go to the Vacancies page to find out more.

Charity Reg in England and Wales: 1182889