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Heart Wood is a mental health charity based in Hexham, Northumberland.


We offer person-centred therapeutic group counselling a natural environment.

We currently have a focus on working with men who are experiencing complex and enduring mental health problems.  

We specifically engage with men within our community who cannot engage with existing services.

What we offer is unique and different - a quality intervention with small manageable group sizes that puts people in the lead.

To find out more about our programme, please contact Emma at or call 01434 607726.


“There’s not many places where you can do this sort of thing.
I just wish there was more chance of this sort of stuff.”

Heart Wood has gratefully received funding support from:
National Lottery Reaching Communities
Barbour Foundation
William Leech Charity
The Rothley Trust
Hospital of God
Hadrian Trust
Sir James Knott Trust
The Joicey Trust
Arnold Clarke Community Fund
Awards for All
The Allen Lane Foundation
Northumberland VSCE Alliance
Tesco Community Grants Scheme